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Supporting Organizational Change

Theory of Change

Develop a blueprint for how change occurs. One of the most robust tools to help an organization clarify the transformation […]

Organizational Development: Assessment & Design

There are a number of tools, processes, and systems that help to align an organization, promote shared practices, and increase […]

Strategy: Planning and Management

The ability to achieve consistent impact and results over time is directly related to the strength of an organization’s management […]

Planning: Business and Operational

An operational plan is a blueprint of how the organization will logistically achieve the strategic plan establishing milestones and benchmarks […]

Strengthening Organizational Leadership Capacity


Individual group assessment tools vary in type and scope. Assessments are custom-tailored to the needs of the organization and ar […]

Coaching: Individual and Group

Executive coaching is intentionally structured to improve an individual’s or group’s professional skills and performance. In any coaching engagement, the […]

Development: Team and Board

Effective groups are purposefully cultivated and the group’s ability to achieve and direct is related to their ability to communicate, […]

Human Capital Strategies

An organization’s greatest resource is its people. Employees hold the vision and carry plans into action. In order to achieve […]

Facilitating Individual and Organizational Learning

Training Design and Facilitation

Ritchie Tye designs trainings and workshops that incorporate active learning, small group exercises, constructive feedback, and experiential training methods. Training […]

Retreat Facilitation

A skilled facilitator functions to draw out the best in individuals and groups through intervening at key moments of insight […]

Inquiry Processes and Organizational Learning

Create a culture of learning that is rooted in data and supports evidence-based decision making. We design strategy management systems […]

Conflict Resolution / Mediation

Conflict resolution and mediation is a process where our trained mediators facilitate a discussion so that individuals can find cooperative […]

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Impact Investing: Implications for Nonprofit Funding

January 24, 2015

by Paul Hanvongse, Ph.D. We might look back at the period between 2000 – 2014 as the crucial intersection of […]

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8 Insights Into Achieving Social and Financial Goals

July 12, 2014

Ritchie Consulting, Inc. is proud to present Paul Hanvongse research brief on “Achieving Social and Financial Goals” in nonprofit organizations. […]

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What Makes a High Performing Organization?

September 24, 2013

In this interview, Julia Ritchie expands on what inspires and contributes to a an organization becoming high-performing. The interview is […]

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