Strengthening Leadership Capacity


We believe that organizational transformation cannot occur without effective leadership, and that leadership in high performing organizations happens at all levels of the institution. There is an overwhelming body of research on effective management and leadership which affirms that self-awareness is a fundamental characteristic of effective leaders. Beyond authentic leadership, those able to successfully navigate the rapidly changing environment must be adaptive and strategic. Such leaders must be able to manage complexity, paradox and competing demands while making choices, working collaboratively, as well as, provide direction, and have the ability to articulate a compelling vision of how the work they do leads to impact.

At Ritchie Consulting Inc  we partner with managers, executives, board members, and leadership teams, to help them evaluate their effectiveness and to develop a professional development plan and tools for increasing self awareness, developing and enhancing their skills to manage change, and to be effective leaders. We work with leaders to understand the organizational systems that they are operating within; to strengthen the learning agility needed, and accelerate the mastery of critical competencies to effectively lead in today’s world.

  1. Assessment – Individual and group assessment tools vary in type and scope. Assessments are custom-tailored to the needs of the organization and ar based upon the use of 360-Feedback Loops, Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator, Team Assessments and self-assessments. With more than 50 years of combined experience, Ritchie Consulting Inc Principals can offer greater insight and rich analysis of the data that results from assessment tools.
  2. Coaching: Individual and Group – Executive coaching is intentionally structured to improve an individual’s or group’s professional skills and performance. In any coaching engagement, the coach and client will work towards specific goals and can include improving communication, management ability, presentation skills, career transitions among others.
  3. Development: Team and Board – Effective groups are purposefully cultivated and the group’s ability to achieve and direct is related to their ability to communicate, strategize and unify around particular goals and objectives. Naturally, challenges arise within any group. RitchieConsulting Inc  focuses on drawing out these challenges so that they can be addressed and overcome.
  4. Human Capital Strategies – An organization’s greatest resource is its people. They hold the vision and carry plans into action. In order to achieve the highest level of performance from these individuals, organizational leaders should consider how to intentionally cultivate and encourage the skills and initiative of their employees.