Facilitating Individual and Organizational Learning 


Learning agility is a fundamental competency that underlies several dimensions of a high performing organization. We know that learning is supported through professional development training; however, it is accelerated when participants have the opportunity to apply their learning to real-life situations; when learning is rooted in data and evidence-based models; and when participants receive immediate feedback to support learning transfer. To be a high performing organization, there must be tools and vehicles in place to foster and enable meaning-making and learning at all levels of the organization; we believe this is what fosters innovation and strategic adaptability that is critical for organizational success.

At Ritchie Consulting Inc  one of our core competencies is process design and facilitation. We utilize experiential training methods to enhance learning, which is then coupled with coaching opportunities (individual and group) to accelerate learning. We design and facilitate teambuilding retreats, lead inquiry and reflection teams, as well as, partner with our clients to help steward quarterly and annual retreats and staff convenings. As process experts, we partner with our clients to clarify meeting objectives, and to facilitate processes that ensure meaningful dialogue and that learning transfer occurs.

  1. Programs: Long Term Learning, High Performing Organization – Develop a ‘big picture’ plan for organizational learning and performance through programmed activities.
  2. Design: Curriculum – Ritchie Consulting Inc designs curriculums that incorporate active learning, small group exercises, constructive feedback, and varied training activities.
  3. Facilitation: Retreats, Inquiry/Reflection – A skilled facilitator functions to draw out the best in individuals and groups through intervening at key moments of insight that lead to breakthroughs in learning, partnership, team building, visioning, strategizing and planning.
  4. Customized Training – We believe that each group has within it different strengths and challenges that can be utilized for learning opportunities. As a result, our trainings are not ‘off-the shelf’ but instead are custom-designed to meet the specific needs of your group.
  5. Conflict Resolution / Mediation – Conflict resolution and mediation is a process where our trained mediators facilitate a discussion so that individuals can find cooperative solutions and develop an empathic understanding of each others’ point of view.
  6. Knowledge Management – Create a culture of learning that builds on individual and organizational knowledge. An organization that intentionally creates and builds on learning opportunities can make their work more efficient and thorough.