Insight to Action: Unlocking Organizational Potential

Our Desired Impact

Our interventions improve the effectiveness of non-profit and social enterprises worldwide, creating a new blue print for how mission-driven organizations leverage their impact.

Our Mission

Ritchie Consulting, Inc. is an organizational development firm committed to helping mission-driven enterprises build their capacity. We partner with our clients by designing and implementing customized solutions to improve organizational effectiveness. By harnessing the strength of individuals and groups, Ritchie Consulting Inc stimulates and mobilizes organizations to achieve their greatest impact.

Our Approach

Ritchie Consulting, Inc. believes that a successful organization is one that, above all, can respond confidently to change. As strategy architects, we analyze the dynamic and complex systems within an organization and design a practical blueprint to strengthen the enterprise and leverage its impact. Our individually tailored interventions are designed to create an ‘open door’ environment that involves leadership, employees, and key stakeholders in the problem solving process. These collaborations generate valuable ideas, promote leadership, and foster buy-in around change. As a result, the organization will move towards developing a reflective analytical team that is capable of breakthrough results, ensuring the organization is ‘built to last’.