We believe every consulting intervention is an opportunity to build our clients’ capacity. We want to foster dynamic learning organizations that have the skills and practices to consistently evaluate their work and have the nimbleness to effectively respond to the changing environment.  We believe that insightfulness and self-reflection are valuable learning perspectives. To that end, consultation processes are designed to be participatory in nature and engage input and feedback from those directly involved in the consultation.

Risk Taking

We believe to successfully navigate change requires an ability to tolerate risk, as well as, to have the muscle to effectively manage adaptive challenges. We think it is important to speak honestly, even if it’s difficult, because we believe the truth helps people and organizations move forward. Our responsibility is to ask the hard questions, while providing the conditions for examination and innovation. We act with transparency and integrity in our work with clients, and hold ourselves accountable to the same practices.


We believe that all organizations have the potential to maximize their impact and want to ensure organizations do so. In order to do this, organizations must be able to employ evidence-based practices in order to demonstrate, assess and codify their strategic impact. When organizational strategies and impact are thoroughly analyzed we are able to engage in a process of ‘data-mining’ so that we can provide rich and thoughtful recommendations to our clients. This discipline and effort results in actionable steps that facilitate organizational progress.


We believe it is essential to bring passion and ‘esprit de corps’ to our work. We are passionate in the belief that organizations are powerful, evolving ecosystems with a complex set of factors that need to be harnessed effectively; requiring agility, adaptability and alignment. As such, our interventions are custom-designed to account for the development, capacity and resources of the organization. We catalyze organizations’ ability to grow and adapt by building on their successes, thereby unlocking the barriers that can hinder progress. As a result, the organization is fully mobilized and poised to have greater impact.


We believe in today’s world of work it is essential that organizations build their internal capacity to collaborate both inside and outside the organization. Effective collaboration will enrich the process and support stronger outcomes. Successful managers must navigate complex organizational systems, engage and inform stakeholders, and ensure that their teams are resourced and able to complete their task. We know that collaboration requires the right structures be in place, roles and functions are clearly defined, and those engaged in the collaboration can communicate effectively. We respect the differences and the different perspectives that people bring to this work, and we use conflict, just as much as agreement, as a way to stimulate open-dialogue and action.