Support Organizational Change | Strengthening Leadership Capacity | Facilitating Individual-and Organizational Learning
Supporting Organizational Change

High performing organizations embody three essential characteristics, they are: adaptable, aligned, and agile. Today’s non-profits and social enterprises must demonstrate their impact and effectiveness in an increasingly competitive environment where funders demand a high level of accountability that the organization does what it says it does…

We partner with our clients to strengthen and enhance the four critical dimensions of a high performing organizations: strategy, leadership, evidence-based practices, as well as, help to build and align resources to ensure sufficient infrastructure capacity enabling these organizations to effectively advance their mission and impact. We utilize data-driven processes, as well as, intentionally design participatory interventions that engage stakeholders throughout the consulting initiative to ensure that our clients shape and own the development and implementation of successful organizational strategies.

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Strengthening Organizational Leadership Capacity

We believe that organizational transformation cannot occur without effective leadership, and that leadership in high performing organizations happens at all levels of the institution. There is an overwhelming body of research on effective management and leadership, which affirms that self-awareness is a fundamental characteristic of effective leaders. Beyond authentic leadership, those able to successfully navigate the rapidly changing environment must be adaptive and strategic. Such leaders must be able to manage complexity, paradox and competing demands while making choices, working collaboratively, as well as, provide direction, and have the ability to articulate a compelling vision of how the work they do leads to impact.

At Ritchie Consulting, Inc. we partner with managers, executives, board members, and leadership teams, to help them evaluate their effectiveness and to develop a professional development plan and tools for increasing self awareness, developing and enhancing their skills to manage change, and to be effective leaders. We work with leaders to understand the organizational systems that they are operating within; to strengthen the learning agility needed, and accelerate the mastery of critical competencies to effectively lead in today’s world.

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Facilitating Individual and Organizational Learning

Learning agility is a fundamental competency that underlies several dimensions of a high performing organization. We know that learning is supported through professional development training; however, it is accelerated when participants have the opportunity to apply their learning to real-life situations; when learning is rooted in data and evidence-based models; and when participants receive immediate feedback to support learning transfer. To be a high performing organization, there must be tools and vehicles in place to foster and enable meaning-making and learning at all levels of the organization; we believe this is what fosters innovation and strategic adaptability that is critical for organizational success.

At Ritchie Consulting, Inc. one of our core competencies is process design and facilitation. We utilize experiential training methods to enhance learning, which is then coupled with coaching opportunities (individual and group) to accelerate learning. We design and facilitate team building retreats, lead inquiry and reflection teams, as well as, partner with our clients to help steward quarterly and annual retreats and staff convening’s. As process experts, we partner with our clients to clarify meeting objectives, and to facilitate processes that ensure meaningful dialogue and that learning transfer occurs.