Collaboration with Teachers College, Columbia University

Ritchie Consulting, Inc. is pleased to announce a research collaboration with Teachers College, Columbia University on the effects of leadership behaviors and perceptions of social and financial performance in the social sector. Money and mission tensions must be delicately managed by all nonprofits and social enterprises. These tensions have implications for fundamental issues such as how money is spent (towards social programs versus internal capacity building); how a culture of problem-solving and a culture of charity co-exist; and how value is measured (social return on investment or blended value approaches). At it’s core, this is an issue of perception, do we perceive social impact and financial performance as trade-offs or as dual-goals to be jointly managed? We believe this research is timely and may help nonprofits distinguish themselves as the funding landscape goes through fundamental changes.

This research collaboration seeks to understand how effective leaders perceives and navigate these conflicting, and at times contradictory, performance goals. We are in collaboration with Paul Hanvongse, a doctoral candidate at the Social-Organizational Psychology program at Teachers College, Columbia University. Paul is hoping to survey a cross section of leaders and executives in the nonprofit and social enterprise sectors to shed light on this important question. Participants will be asked to fill out a brief online survey and will have the opportunity to receive a free leadership report detailing their leadership behaviors. The

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survey will be launched within the next couple of weeks and those interested in participating can contact Paul directly at and also through Ritchie Consulting, Inc.

Paul Hanvongse (ABD, Doctoral Candidate, Columbia University Teacher’s College, Social and Organizational Psychology) has done research on generational perception and stereotype at work, with an upcoming back chapter in the Sage Handbook of Aging and Society. His dissertation explores the paradox of social and financial performance and how effective leaders view these dilemmas differently. He is learning to leverage computer programming to visually display his research findings online. His social footprints are at ; on twitter @Apiwatco ; and .