Supporting Organizational Change

High performing organizations embody three essential characteristics, they are: adaptable, aligned, and agile. Today’s non-profits and social enterprises must demonstrate their impact and effectiveness in an increasingly competitive environment where funders demand a high level of accountability that the organization does what it says it does…

We partner with our clients to strengthen and enhance the four critical dimensions of a high performing organizations: strategy, leadership, evidence-based practices, as well as, help to build and align resources to ensure sufficient infrastructure capacity enabling these organizations to effectively advance their mission and impact. We utilize data-driven processes, as well as, intentionally design participatory interventions that engage stakeholders throughout the consulting initiative to ensure that our clients shape and own the development and implementation of successful organizational strategies.

  1. Theory of Change – Identify your path from resources to impact. A theory of change shows a cause-and-effect progression that begins by identifying the market deficiencies to be addressed and builds a path to the organizations’ intended impact. The process is based on logic and organizational experience and takes into account available resources and opportunities for change.
  2. Organizational Development: Assessment & Design – Is your organization well-designed? Organizational Assessments identify and address the root causes of resistance to organizational change and pinpoint where an organization can improve.
  3. Strategy: Planning and Management – The ability to achieve consistent impact and results over time is directly related to the strength of an organization’s management strategy and strategic plan. In order to drive an organization to its intended destination, the management must be aligned in their vision and approach and be committed to a three to five year plan detailing how its objectives will be achieved.
  4. Planning: Business and Operational –An operational plan is a blueprint of how the organization will logistically achieve the strategic plan establishing milestones and benchmarks as indicators of success. A business plan on the other hand is the financial articulation of the strategic plan and ties the plan to a fiscal management strategy.